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Award winning mushroom farm Devon.

Specialist, organic mushrooms

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Forest Fungi - Steak, Muffin, Egg and Hollandaise

The Cafe

Visit our cafe in Dawlish, Devon to enjoy our freshly prepared dishes.

The Farm Shop

With thousands of products available, there is no need to leave empty-handed.

Forest Fungi - Full English Breakfast

The Menu

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The Mushrooms

We grow many different varieties of mushroom here at Forest Fungi and we’re passionate about every one of them. We’ve learnt everything we can about mushrooms, starting with foraging and working our way up to climate controlled rooms.

  • Hen of the woods
  • Shiitake
  • Yellow, Grey and Pink Oysters
  • King Oyster
  • Lions Mane
  • Nameko

The Cafe

Forest Fungi is home to one of Dawlish, Devon’s most popular cafes, rated number 1 in the area on TripAdvisor. As well as growing our own mushrooms, which heavily feature on our menus, buying local produce is a high priority for us, and we love providing fresh and organic dishes.

Grown in our very own ‘Shroom Rooms’, our mushrooms feature a lot on our menus, in many different ways, so if you like mushrooms, make sure you give our menu a go. If mushrooms aren’t the thing for you, we have plenty of items available for you too. 

The Farm Shop

We have focused our methods on organic mushrooms and currently produce in excess of 500 kilos per week which we sell to restaurants across the south-west, our farm shop customers, wholesale buyers and online.

The Farm Shop in Dawlish continues to grow with a large range of cheeses, pies, breads, preserves, meat, dairy, fruit veg, chocolates and sweets, gifts and so much more, mostly sourced from Devon and the south west and available 6 days per week for most of the year.